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The Artistry Festival delivers activations and themed events at popular venues and key public spaces within a range of pop-ups, exhibitions, festivals and events across Australia.

The Artistry’s platform is geared to facilitate the exposure and celebration of artistic innovation and creativity while also delivering a key drawcard for partners involved throughout the duration of the event. Through the use of exciting and engaging sensory experiences, these structured programs deliver vibrant and creatively curated experiences consisting of exotic food, arts, music, fashion, cultural showcases and entertainment utilising everything from static displays to live performances.

Partnering with Australia’s major event producers, The Artistry Festival also offers a range of branding, promotional and experiential based marketing opportunities. These can be specifically tailored to meet the commercial imperatives of select corporate partners and sponsors that align with relevant programmed events.


In order to provide a high level of exposure in the heart of the world’s most beautiful harbour city under an array of iconic lights, The Artistry has introduced several opportunities for companies to participate in the events and Festivals. The level of involvement varies across several tiers and can be customised in accordance with the company’s level of investment.  A select number of opportunities exist to accommodate key industry stakeholders and commercial entities with the capabilities and resources to enhance and bring value to each of The Artistry’s events.

Event partners and ground activations will be accommodated within themed event spaces and allow partners to decide where appropriate consumer synergy can be maximised. Partnership activations may include (but are not limited to) fashion shows, product display showcases, live performances, special presentations, interactive exhibits, sampling and other unique demonstrations. These opportunities can exist on ground at either one, or all of the themed events. These events not only provide a direct link to a targeted audience but also provide an ideal opportunity for product launches, brand awareness and consumer engagement. Furthermore, all digital marketing and promotional activities across social media sites will recognise partners contribution to their relevant event(s).

Not only does The Artistry Festival boast a central location within the heart of this tourism hotspot, it fills the area with a multitude of fun, interactive and experiential elements. During these events a number of unique and highly attractive opportunities exist for key corporate partners to be involved and engage with attendees.

If you would like any additional information regarding any of the above outlined opportunities or wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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